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When you have a great idea and the only thing missing is a partner to turn that vision into a product— that’s when you shyft. Because you need a SaaS product development company that effortlessly aligns with your vision. With unparalleled experience in SaaS software development, we’ve been fine-tuning our skills across a range of industries to keep us on top of our game when you’re ready to make us your big pitch. Whether you’re just looking for a developer to build your product or would love support for on-going maintenance and management — you tell us how we can help you.

With work in healthcare to housing to tech, communication, and more, we’ve partnered with organizations to build SaaS products and SaaS applications that simplify the way companies meet their industry requirements. We’ve had some pretty cool ideas, but we’re just as excited to hear yours. You tell us the challenges and goals of your company, and we’ll make a game plan — together.

We’ve Been Busy Creating


From giving businesses the opportunity to launch their new online web presence to providing condo associations the tools to quickly and easily launch templated, fully-compliant websites to ​​helping large organizations with complex strategic marketing initiatives, our job is to make yours easier. Why not get a little inspiration from our previous projects.

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This custom software solution helps condo and HOAs quickly launch templated, fully-compliant websites with features including public and password protected areas, a document management system to store and access governing forms, email notifications, and more.

becker ballot site feature image

Condo and homeowner associations have increased voter turnout thanks to this mobile-friendly election software platform that allows members to cast their vote from anywhere in the world, while enjoying the unlimited set up and support of the shyft team.


This comprehensive website solution is specifically tailored to the needs of graduate and undergraduate chapters of sororities and fraternities and officially launched on January 1, 2023.

Embedded SaaS Experts with a Marketing Mindset

Any developer can build you a functional product. But imagine the impact when it’s built by a team of SaaS experts who also specialize in digital marketing and content. You shouldn’t just settle for something that works — you deserve something that inspires and succeeds.

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