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When you have a great idea, but you need a development partner to turn that vision into a product, shyft is here to make that happen. You need a team of SaaS applications experts that aligns with your company’s vision effortlessly and works with you to understand your needs on a deeper level. Our products are built to last and help you grow — whether it’s empowering your team, engaging your customers, improving your operations, or just creating something super cool and fun. Let us help you transform the user experience and give you all the tools you need to monitor and elevate your success.  

Strategizing SaaS development is what really gets us excited. So if you’re looking for a mediocre SaaS applications agency, you’ve come to the wrong place. By partnering with shyft, you get an agency that acts as your partner through the business and marketing strategy, product development, and on-going maintenance and enhancement. We keep our agency small and agile, so you not only get a team of niche experts in each area, but also the attention and responsiveness your company deserves.

Your End-To-End SaaS Custom Development Team

With unparalleled experience in SaaS software development, we’ve been creating sophisticated, scalable software products for a range of companies and industries, while continuing to fine-tune our skills and innovation. From healthcare and tech to housing, retail, and more, our developers come onboard as your partner, helping you either develop SaaS software from scratch or re-architecture existing applications for SaaS environments. You tell us the challenges and goals of your company, and we’ll make a game plan — together.

Whether you’re just looking for an agency to build your product or need support for on-going maintenance and management, our agency is here for you however you need us to be.

What Does Our SaaS Development Process Look Like?

Every step of our SaaS applications development process is focused on understanding your vision and elevating the user experience. Here’s what that looks like.

Using Voice of Customer research and competitor analysis tactics, our SaaS development team will dive deep into your company’s value proposition and the functional core of your products. This includes a detailed product vision, tech stack selection and advice, project estimation and timing, and more. We have the marketing mindset to ask the right questions, research the right areas, and bring it all together into a strategy.

This is where our SaaS development experts get to work. Clean and clear UI/UX is the quickest way to customer trust and loyalty. We understand the best practices to ensure efficient user flow and easy interaction within your SaaS software, and implement the analytics you need to understand how your users are interacting with your mobile applications. This step involves information architecture, user experience design, and user interface design. 

We know how important scalability and speed is to successful SaaS applications.  That’s why we design software that seamlessly adapts to any expansion or change your business has overtime. Thanks to extensive experience in leading-edge technologies and digital marketing, we can design smart SaaS products that not only can grow with you, but also help you do it.

Performance optimization, data backups & migration, Cloud platforms deployment, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) development, Cloud Computing Deployments, etc.

Our extensive software testing follows an exhaustive quality assurance (QA) approach: code reviews, unit tests, performance testing, security testing, load testing, and more.

Recent SaaS Software Applications Examples

From giving businesses the opportunity to launch their new online web presence to providing condo associations the tools to quickly and easily launch templated, fully compliant websites to ​​helping large organizations with complex strategic marketing initiatives, our job is to make yours easier. Why not get a little inspiration from our previous projects.

Becker Law firm asked shyft to partner with them to build a document management application to help condo associations be compliant with Florida law. is a SaaS product specifically for condominium and homeowners’ associations in Florida and around the country, offering a turnkey website solution and document management system, offering self-managed or fully managed capabilities, monthly or yearly subscription plans. For a low monthly fee, any type of association can have access to flexible templates to build a website for their members. The application is easy to use and mobile friendly with no development experience is required.  

As both a public and private, password protected site, administrators can upload important governing documents, images, events, while enjoying the ability to send out email notifications, post site-wide notices, and manage users in a single database. As of right now, over 200 associations are using the software and the subscriber database continues to grow each month.

Becker needed to update their old electronic voting software product and came to our agency to make it happen. We started by renaming it, then rebuilt it on a modern software platform and relaunched it as BeckerBALLOT. 

This software product provides condo associations and HOA’s the ability to conduct various votes online through a web-based portal, eliminating the need to use paper ballots. Not only does this save the associations time and money, but also allows association members to cast their vote from anywhere in the world, increasing voter participation across associations. All they need is an email address and either a computer, phone or tablet. 

Associations can not only use the SaaS software to conduct board elections, reserve votes, amendment votes, alteration votes, but the application can also be used to conduct surveys before even putting important topics up for a vote. 

Vote reports can be accessed by administrators through the portal, while everything remains stored in the database for future reference. This SaaS product has now conducted votes for almost 300 associations since its launch in 2019. 

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Trusted SaaS Product Developers Based in the USA

Our software developers are here to build SaaS products and SaaS applications that simplify the way companies meet their industry requirements. We have some pretty cool ideas of our own, but we’re just as excited to hear yours. To learn more about our SaaS product development process or just chat with one of our SaaS developers, contact shyft today.

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