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Saas Product Helps Condo & HOAs Launch Fully-Compliant Websites

Custom software solution offers easy documentation management system plus other customizable features

When Becker Law firm needed a technology solution to help condo associations stay compliant with Florida law, shyft was the partner to build it. 

As our very first SaaS product, is a turnkey website solution and document management system, specifically for condominium and homeowners associations in Florida and around the country.

Shyft built a system that is flexible, easy to use, and mobile friendly — requiring no development expertise to use it. An association simply pays a low monthly fee for access to flexible templates that can be used to build websites for their members, and all hosting and development costs are included when you sign up.

Administrators can upload important governing documents, images, texts, and events, send out email notifications, post site-wide notices, and manage users in a single database. They have the option to make it public facing with password protected private access, and opt for self-managed or fully managed, monthly or yearly subscription plans. To date, we have over 200 associations using the software with a continually growing subscriber database.

View the site here.

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