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shyft is leading a movement for digital marketers. And that movement is female-led. Andrea Wolkofsky is a New Jersey girl — born and raised — with a strategic mindset and a passion for success. Her ability to help brands identify their pain points, challenges, and goals to create actionable solutions in their marketing is only matched by her unhealthy obsession with 80’s hair bands.

Throughout over 20 years of experience partnering with smart marketers, Andrea not only fell more in love with creative marketing and digital, but she also became increasingly aware that too many advertising agencies weren’t addressing one major component to successful strategy: a truly authentic voice. 

As a result, Andrea was driven to build a boutique, woman-owned agency that utilized the skills and knowledge of the connections she’s made over the span of her career to offer specialized attention and unparalleled strategy to businesses. And Brett Fielo was the perfect partner to make that happen.

Collaborate With Our Woman-Led Marketing Agency

Andrea met Brett while working together at a previous company in New Jersey for about 15 years. As both the head of sales and the head of technology, they not only worked very closely together and built a strong friendship, but also realized how perfectly their positions and skillsets aligned. She would help customers identify the technology they need, and he would implement the solutions to meet their business goals.  

It was simply a natural fit to turn their dynamic partnership into a female-led, creative digital agency. Out of their incredible synergy that elevated their unique expertise, shyft was born. 

“I love the independence that being the co-founder of a female-led, creative marketing agency provides me,” Andrea explained. “Having the ability to decide who we feel is a good fit to work with based on each unique company’s needs and our special capabilities is very important to us. Brett and I now have that choice, and it allows us to better serve our customers in NJ and across the country. Leading the agency from a sales perspective really gives us that freedom.”

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Choosing a Boutique Woman-Led Marketing Agency in New Jersey

shyft’s size is intentional. Andrea and Brett both wanted to keep our core agency small with a close-knit team of carefully selected specialists, so that every company we work with gets a process that’s more personal and more agile, while working directly with the owner of our female-led agency herself. 

And this team support comes in the form of talented women in SEO and SEM strategy, social media marketing, content writing, website design, digital marketing, and more.  “I love being one of the women following their passion and making their own way in the advertising industry with a successful business. You can just feel there is so much support from other women in the entrepreneurial world in terms of support, mentoring, advice, camaraderie, etc. It’s truly a great ‘club’ to be in.”

Our Female Owned Marketing Agency Can Help With Social Media Marketing, Web Design, & SaaS Development

We offer creative, female-owned web design services that can help your business stand out from the crowd. Today, you need to find a way to get your business in front of as many eyes as possible. Our woman-owned agency is proud to provide social media services in NJ, and we can help you figure out which platforms are right for your company.

Furthermore, we can take a look at your website and help you put forth a digital footprint that can help you get your company in front of the right target market. By addressing your digital marketing needs from all directions, we can ensure that nothing is overlooked, allowing you to grow your online presence and boost your conversion rates.

We understand that the digital world is more competitive than it has ever been in the past, and that is why we offer a variety of SaaS application development services as well. Your time is your most valuable resource, and we can help you streamline your daily operations and boost your efficiency.

To ensure your business appeals to as many people as possible, you need to think outside the box, bring in different perspectives, and craft a well-rounded approach. That is where our female-owned agency can help you, so reach out to us today to speak to our team! At shyft Digital, we are ready to help you business grow.

Why Work with a Female Owned Advertising Agency?

shyft is proud that our leader is one of the remarkable women redefining the meaning of creative marketing for businesses of all sizes in New Jersey and beyond. From law firms and insurance companies to PR agencies, cleaning companies, healthcare brands, and more, Andrea has developed a process that challenges brands to leave the comfort of what they’ve always done to dive deep inside their customers’ minds and find their most authentic voice. 

Unlike other agencies in NJ or across the US that start with a one-size-fits-all model and make minor tweaks to offer a “personalized” strategy, our agency offers a truly customized experience driven by a deeper understanding of your customers’ needs and motivations. We’ll work diligently to learn the biggest challenges, pain points, and gaps in your online strategy to build a unique creative solution for you.

Women like Andrea are truly changing the game in marketing, and it’s businesses and agencies like yours that get to enjoy the benefits. To learn more about shyft’s process or how we can help you take your advertising to the next level, contact us today.

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