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Case Study: QPSI – Website Design


Voice of Customer Research Drives New Branding & Strategy for Packaging Company

Research-backed rebranding & content strategy convey deeper value & people-first mentality of minority-owned, retail packaging business

After 30 years in the business, QPSI was eager to elevate their holistic marketing efforts with a more value-driven and effective strategy that captures not only what they do, but also who they are as a company and as a team.

shyft initiated a full rebrand with Voice of Customer Research that dove deeply into their primary audiences’ needs, desires, and concerns. Utilizing these insights directly from their customers, we helped QPSI establish a new tagline (Pure Performance Packaging) and branded name for their new design facility (Brand Experience Center).

We then redesigned their website with a comprehensive SEO strategy that highlights their six service areas, incorporates new diversity and sustainability pages which purposefully showcases the core values of their business, and created an on-going blog strategy which continues to communicate their value and expertise with customers in a timely and helpful delivery. To amplify the benefits of the blog, shyft has also developed a monthly social media strategy that helps QPSI share their story and messaging on a larger, more personal scale.

View the site here.


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