Case Study: A National Insurance Brand- Digital Marketing Campaign

Increase in new users
Increase in actions
Increase in conversion rate

A National Insurance Brand

Strategic Segmentation Drives New Leads for A National Insurance Brand

Omni-channel marketing drives 24% increase in new users, 19% increase in actions

When a national insurance company approached shyft to help with their digital initiatives for their contractor service line, they were already working with another agency for other core business areas. But it only took 6 months for shyft to prove they were the best team to bring their metrics up across the board, winning all of their digital business moving forward.

With the goal of increasing leads and engagement rates for their contractor insurance, those efforts started with developing audience segments based on the email domains of individuals subscribed to construction publications and newsletters (such as Construction Drive, BDC, Constructor Magazine, etc.), as well as attendees of construction industry events, conventions, and tradeshows through utilization targeting. Using this data, shyft was able to create lookalike/predictive audiences, and combined with a retargeting strategy for anyone who visited their website or filled out a contact form, created diversified messaging that helped generate over 17 million impressions on their “find an agent” tool on their contractor website page, which was 27% more cost-efficient than prior performances. In addition, both the click-thru rate and video completion rate came in well above industry average at 0.20% and 83%, respectively.

Additionally, shyft conducted a ‘search lift’ analysis that showed the effectiveness of the campaign on increasing search rates. The individuals who were exposed to the campaign were searching for this national insurance company 100.85% more throughout the six month timeline than people who were not exposed (0.0027% vs. 0.0014%).

But that was only the half of it. shyft then created and executed a full digital outreach strategy, which included Google paid search, display ads, and social media campaigns across Meta, LinkedIn, and Reddit. The comprehensive, omni-channel digital strategy resulted in a 24% increase in new users, 19% increase in key events (such as click to call, click to email, find an agent, and contact form completion), and a 5% increase in conversion rate.

shyft now continues an expansion of the insurance company’s Contractor digital outreach, while taking over their Manufacturing service line and general brand awareness activities to continue the company’s online success in 2024.

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