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Becker Increases Voter Turnout with Simple, Mobile Platform

Updates focused on user-experience and accessibility fuel engagement

Becker asked shyft to revamp their outdated electronic voting software product to improve voter participation and experience within their communities. We got to work, rebuilding the site on a modern software platform and relaunching it as BeckerBALLOT. This software product saves condo associations and HOA’s the time and money of using paper ballots by providing the ability to conduct votes online through a web-based portal.

With only a computer, phone, or tablet and an email address, an association member can cast their vote from anywhere in the world, increasing voter participation across associations. The platform can host board elections, reserve votes, amendment votes, and alteration votes can be used, as well as conduct surveys before important topics are put up for a vote. Once votes are cast, vote reports can be accessed by administrators, through the portal and are stored in the database for reference.

BeckerBALLOT has conducted votes for close to 300 associations between the states of Florida and NJ since it’s launch.

View the site here.

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